Abby Farm Animals Preschool and Toddler 1.0

Abby Farm Animals Preschool and Toddler 1.0


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Date Added:27 June, 2014

Author: 22learn, LLC

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Try for FREE, full version -- 50% OFF Sale -- TODAY: December 1 - 5, 2013
***** A title from our extremely successful Abby series -- all EIGHT (!) RANKED #1 APP FOR KIDS on APP Store in many countries.
***** Brought to you by 22LEARN, the creator of Abby Basic Skills Preschool winner Parents˜ Choice Awards 2012.

Children's favorite animals are coming to your homes. Enjoy their overwhelming cuteness. Your children will love learning with them!

Some of the amazing features:

* 360 cute photos and hand-drawn illustrations (full version)

* 72 children's favorite animals (full version)

* 6 animal categories (Farm Animals, Pets, Zoo 1, Zoo 2, Birds, and Wild Animals)

* 3 engaging game modes (Learning, Matching, and Find Me!)

* Modifiable difficulty for Matching and Find Me! modes

* Animal sounds included for each animal + the name of each animal is pronounced

* Intuitive child-friendly interface

3 games in one app. Endless space for exploration. Abby Photo Animals is a new application by 22learn from the extremely successful Abby series devoted especially to curious toddlers. Photoanimals app with its cute pictures and heart-melting photos is sure to incite your kids' imagination, exploration and desire to learn!

A great teaching tool, the app features over 70 animals and 350 photos and illustrations, all accompanied by realistic sound effects and spoken animal names.
To make the use of the app as easy as possible for the little ones, we included no complicated menus in this app. Switching the playing modes (Learning, Matching, and Find Me!) can be done directly from the main screen, and the same goes for switching between the individual animal categories (Farm, Pets, Zoo 1, Zoo 2, Birds, and Wild animals).

To make the use of the app as easy as possible for the little ones, we included no complicated menus in this app. Switching the playing modes (Learning, Matching, and Find Me!) can be done directly from the main screen!


Learning mode:

This mode is especially created for curious minds who want to explore on their own. Once you choose this mode, you will see drawings of all the animals displayed on the main screen. Tap on the animal you want to play with and you will be directed to its page. There, you can play with it by tapping on it and observing its animations and sounds or browsing through additional photos by tapping on photo miniatures below the animal! You can also hear its name by tapping on the written animal name placed next to the animal.

Matching mode:

In this classical memory game, your task is to find two identical photos. Listen to the animal sounds while playing and learn the animal names by hearing them pronounced once you find the right matching cards! To modify difficulty of this game, go to the Settings and choose one of the four difficulty levels: Easy (6 cards), Medium (12 cards), Hard (16 cards), or Expert (20 cards).

Find Me! mode:

This mode enables you to test your knowledge! Embark on the ultimate challenge! The task is always to tap on the animal whose name is called! To modify the difficulty, go to the Settings and choose the minimum and maximum numbers of animals that you will be choosing from. For the youngest children, choose a maximum of two animals and add some difficulty once you see they have mastered this task. Even if they are initially making mistakes, they are soon going to learn through the process. For each correct answer, children are awarded one star. Once they have a full star collection, they will see a short congratulatory animation as a reward for all their efforts.


So don™t wait and start exploring! Our animals are eager to meet you all!

System Requirements: Requires iOS 4.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.

Systems: iOS

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